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EXPERIENCE The benefits of personal training

Malta Personal Trainer is a team of experts in fitness, nutrition, and wellness dedicated to understanding your unique fitness needs and goals.

We offer personalised target-driven training programs that will help you reach your goals quickly and sustainably.

The concept is unique. We combine the best equipment and coaches with bespoke fitness and nutrition plans to power your progress. If you bring the determination, we promise we’ll achieve your goals together.


What We Do

Custom training programs, nutrition coaching, fitness assessments, goal setting, progress tracking, motivation, and accountability.


We will help you build physical and mental strength through our customised training programs that cater to each member’s unique needs and abilities.


We are welcoming, supportive, and caring so that everyone feels comfortable to perform at their best. But we’re not soft, so expect to be motivated and pushed towards your goals.


We hold ourselves accountable for helping you achieve your best results. We are always working towards your goals, playing an active role in your fitness journey.

The Personal Trainer You Need

Exactly that. We don’t put you through programs designed for someone else. This is all about you. Sign up for 1-on-1 sessions or a small group of your choice (max 4).

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1 Sessions
5 Sessions
1O Sessions
2O Sessions
Single Session
5 Session Pack
10 Session Pack
20 Session Pack

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